Available July 5th!


The YOUNG LOVE illustrations and stories were originally posted on Instagram, and well received by my followers, not only by the young but also the grown ups. After all, who hasn't had a young love? They enjoyed the innocence of Katie's first love, complete with youthful expectations and growing pains, and of course, the intrigue stirred up by Bunny and Squirrel, Katie's pets.

PAPERBACK, 8.5" x 8.5", 60 pages, with total of 60+ illustrations, 30 of which are print version only and never been Instagrammed. Available July 5th on Amazon U.S., Canada, U.K, and Europe.

Book Description: Katie is on cloud nine. She has a boyfriend! And not just any boy, but the cutest boy in her class! However, Bunny and Squirrel have seen Zack with other girls. Has Zack been cheating on Katie? They are determined to find out.

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It's amazing to see my illustrations on stuff! Also check out, people hasi-betty for my non-Katie illustrations. More to come!